Intro to the book contents and what to expect.

Command and Control (C2) of software implants is a fundamental part of any Red Team operation. Over the years, there has been a proliferation of C2 frameworks to aid with the task of setting up and controlling software implants in a target environment. These include names like Empire, Cobalt Strike, Covenant, Merlin, Mythic, SILENTTRINITY, PoshC2, Sliver and many more. The list has grown so large that there is a dedicated effort to track the number of C2 frameworks released called C2 Matrix. As a student of adversary tactics, it’s an incredible time to learn from these frameworks and identify the qualities of a good implant. With the abundance of blog posts and conference talks on the topic of C2, it’s an even better time to try your hand at building a C2 framework of your own. Knowing how the foundations of these C2 frameworks are built will arm you with the skills necessary to customize available tools for your own needs or have the benefit of a custom solution that is unknown to AV/EDR vendors. That foundational knowledge of C2 frameworks and implants is what this book aims to provide.