Microsoft’s Nadella Tells Staff to Make Cybersecurity Top Priority - Bloomberg


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Facing harsh criticism for failing to contain several major cyberattacks, Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella sent a blunt message to his staff Friday urging them to make cybersecurity a top priority.

“If you’re faced with the tradeoff between security and another priority, your answer is clear: Do security,” Nadella wrote in a companywide memo. “In some cases, this will mean prioritizing security above other things we do, such as releasing new features or providing ongoing support for legacy systems.” ⤴️

I don’t understand why this has not been a priority in the first place. Why didn’t Nadella mention the acceleration of AI products like Bing Chat from OpenAI? Or the DALL-E upgrade?

Your products are critical infrastructure to governments across the world. You NEED to prioritize security. Period.