Do you think that having a breadth of technical knowledge in different domains could help with a transition into #cybersecurity?

I know it sounds ridiculous but I was watching a YouTube video on malware and I thought about macOS disk images and pkg files, both of which are basically folders, or glorified containers.

I wondered if you could possibly distribute Malware in either one of these containers, specifically through pirated software.

Ok great. Got the malware installed and it is executable. What is The Cyber Kill Chain and How to Use it Effectively#^666162.

There are three levels of permissions in Gatekeeper:

Only allow software from the Mac App Store
Allow installation from the MAS and identified developers


Prototype pollution
Race conditions
JWT vs Cookies vs base64 passwords
ORM attacks
Frontend Architecture

Job Hunting Prep and Resources

Pentesting Study Plan and Job Hunting โ€” on a Budget by Security by Accident OSINT TEAM


Tool that:

throttling file size checks connections errors regex dir limits file limits logging

C2 Servers:

AppSec Projects

Spin up an app for AppSec testing:

Build a SPA to attack:

What kinds of ways are there to DDoS a target?

Try to find some articles and videos on the topic so you can experiment with your script.